Celebrating South Asian Culture

Explore the vibrant tapestry of traditions, cuisine, and warm hospitality in Columbus at Mela 24.

Our History

Home to 1.75 billion people, South Asian culture is among the oldest and most diverse in the world. With its rich tapestry of languages, ethnicities, and religions, it stands as a testament to the influence of surrounding regions.

About Mela 24

In recognition of the vibrant South Asian community in Columbus, we are thrilled to introduce Mela 24, an annual gala evening celebrating the cultural wealth of South Asia. This event aims to showcase the talent within our community and share our traditions with the city.

Core Values

At Mela 24, we prioritize authenticity, inclusivity, and community engagement in all our endeavors.



We believe in honoring the authenticity of South Asian traditions in every aspect of our events, from music to cuisine.



Inclusivity is at the heart of Mela 24, ensuring our events welcome individuals from all walks of life to celebrate diversity.


Community Engagement

Community engagement drives us to support noble causes and give back to the Columbus community through our cultural events.

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